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NEWS / Webinar "The secret of success on doing business with China"


The International Institute of Management for Business Associations of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 29 to 30 April 2013hold a two-days webinar "Secrets of Success on doing business with China", which was attended by over 40 participants from 20 regions of the Russian Federation.

Webinar was hold by Peter Travinsky - CEO of Russia's largest distributor of computer and office equipment supplies from China.

According to the lecturer, China is now the largest manufacturer in the world in 2012 in terms of production surpassed the United States. More and more brands moving their production to China, and the myths about "Chinese as gradually fading", breaks by the progress of Chinese industry. China - is a high performance country that is almost not mastered by the Russian business.

China - is a huge potential for active and profitable business. But it remains a big risk and uncertainty in the partners associated with the specifics of the Russian-Chinese relations, the difference in mentalities, language barriers, geographical remoteness features of the rules and traditions of business, logistics, contracts and documents with China and, finally, the Russian customs with its specific attitude to Chinese goods. Successful business with Chinese partners requires knowledge, and most importantly, experience. To learn how safely and effectively work with China to be confident in their actions and see the best picture of the process of import and export, with minimal risk to benefit the best way from cooperation with Chinese partners was discussed at the webinar.

The webinar covered such topics: product search, vendor selection and contracting with partners from China. Possible risks and undesirable situation. Methods verify the reliability of the Chinese partners. Accommodation and control the order.

The lecturer pointed out that the sea route is the most commonly used for the delivery of goods from China, he cited data on value, price movements, said that the effect on pricing, what to look for when booking the flight in order to avoid additional costs.

The webinar also dealt with the features of the customs clearance of goods of Chinese origin, the conditions for tariff preferences for Chinese goods.

Peter Travinsky told the audience about the features of exports to China, gave an overview of the structure of the Russian-Chinese trade, the practical procedures for access to the Chinese market, the measures of tariff and non-tariff import regulations in China, foreign exchange control regulations in the PRC, the features of the banking system. Students were also given basic information about the taxation of Chinese companies.

The next webinar, with Peter Travinsky will be held on June 10-11, as part of Continuing Professional Education "Consulting of foreign economic activity."



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