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About the Institute


International Institute of Management for Business Associations is educational, educational and research center for non-commercial sector of business associations.


To promote development of Russian and foreign commerce and industry chambers and other non-commercial associations of entrepreneurs due to programs of supplementary professional education as well as analytical, research and educational work in the sphere of non-commercial associations of businessmen.


Create a system of continuous education for public sector of non-profit organizations, corresponding the international standards.

Form the systemic vision of development of the sector of public associations, to prepare a new generation of professionals who know the most modern methods and technologies of management.

Work effectively in the market of educational and consulting services, responding flexibly to the rapidly changing market requirements.

To provide all employees, teachers and consultants of the Institute the opportunities for professional and personal growth, to secure their stable and firm positions.

Contribute to the development of the science of public organizations and shape the scientific reserve in the nonprofit sector.

Develop and conduct training programs and professional training, promoting professional development of managers and specialist of public non-profit organizations.

Develop and improve standards of professional competence of local public organizations.


Continuous improvement - constantly working to develop new and improve existing educational programs, look for the most effective forms and methods of teaching, developing educational base.

Partnership and long-term cooperation - always to be focused on consumers, creating educational programs in accordance with the preferences and wishes of students and client companies.

Honesty and transparency - to be open to communication with customers and partners, always be true to the word.

Teamwork - in order to achieve the result, the Institute's staff be unified, motivated, success-oriented team.

The Instiute objectives are to promote activities in the field of education and science. The organization operations are conducted in the interest of Russian citizens and their associations.

Nonprofit Organization the "International Institute of Management for Business Associations" (IIMBA) began to work from September 1, 2007 according to the program of activities of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for 2008-2011, approved by V Congress of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Industry on behalf of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) were founders of this new educational establishment.

The main objective of the Institute is to provide local chambers of commerce and industry and business associations in Russia and CIS countries with skilled workers valid for modern standards of development of civil society.

The basis of the educational programs of the Institute was build up with courses of excellence of the "Institute of Organizational Management" of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the developments of Russian scientists, an experience of the best Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Russian Federation. In order to bring educational programs to the regions the Institute planes to open branches and organize distance learning.

As part of the Institute structure research activities were organized, summarizing the best international and domestic experience in the management of non-profit associations of entrepreneurs, in development of services and protection of interests of business.

Leaders of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Russian business associations, representatives of the federal government, domestic and foreign scholars, teachers, managers and specialists from Chambers of Commerce and industry in RF, received special training, were invited to the Institute as teachers.

The Institute does not pursue political goals. The Institute does not bind itself to the parties and other political organizations. The Institute does not endorse or oppose political parties and individual politicians. The Institute is not involved in any form of political activities, including political action aimed at the expression of political will of certain political groups and individual politicians in the elections and the referendum.




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